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Forms for filing an application - Agriculture

Operators are required to obtain a Certificate of Authorization or submit a Compliance Statement for various agricultural activities governed by the AOR.

Certificate of Authorization

Which activities require a Certificate of Authorization?

  • Establishing of a new raising site that generates at least 4,200 kg of phosphorus (P2O5) per year
  • Increasing an existing site’s annual production of phosphorus (P2O5) to reach or exceed 4,200 kg or any of the subsequent thresholds that are increased by 1,000 kg or a multiple thereof (5,200 kg, 6,200 kg, 7,200 kg, etc.)

How to apply for a Certificate of Authorization

The following Certificate of Authorization forms (which include the list of mandatory complementary documents) must be filled out and submitted prior to the commencement of any work:

Authorization applications, Certificates of Authorization and information and documents on which ministerial authorizations are based are henceforth open to the public and accessible on demand. This information includes the following: the description and location of the activity and the type, quantity, concentration and location of all contaminants likely to be discharged into the environment. However, information and/or documents relating to a company’s industrial or trade secrets or to an investigation or state security matter, as well as information about vulnerable or threatened species and personal information may not be divulged. Information and documents specified in section 118.5 of the Environment Quality Act that are received or produced by the Minister on or after March 23, 2017, are available on demand.

The following forms may be needed to process the mandatory complementary documents required when applying for a Certificate of Authorization:

Please note the important changes that came into effect since the Act to amend the Environment Quality Act was ratified on March 23, 2017:

  • Since March 23, 2017, a certificate attesting to compliance with municipal or regional county municipality regulations is no longer required when filing an application for a Certificate of Authorization. However, a certificate attesting to compliance with municipal regulations is still required when applying for a permit involving hazardous materials (section 70.11) and for water withdrawal authorization (section 31.75)
  • Applicants are required to submit a copy of the application for authorization by the municipality where the project is to take place


To whom should an authorization certificate application be addressed?

Applications for Certificates of Authorization should be sent to the Ministère's Regional Office where the agricultural activity is planned, for analysis and expertise.

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Compliance Statement

Which activities require a Compliance Statement?

  • Establishment of a new solid manure managed raising site whose annual production of phosphorus (P2O5) will be greater than 1,600 kg but less than 4,200 kg
  • Establishment of a new liquid manure managed raising site whose annual production of phosphorus will be less than 4,200 kg
  • Moving from solid to liquid manure management
  • Increase in the annual production of phosphorus (P2O5) at a raising site that results in the threshold of 1,600 kg being exceeded or the following thresholds being reached or exceeded: 2,100 kg, 2,600 kg, 3,100 kg, 3,600 kg or 4,100 kg, without however reaching 4,200 kg
  • Installation of a storage facility for animal manure or increase in the storage capacity of an existing facility

How to file a Compliance Statement

Applicants must fill out the Compliance Statement form.

A Phosphorus Report must be submitted along with the Compliance Statement.

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Other forms

The AOR also provides that every operator of a raising or spreading site that is required to file a Phosphorus Report must use the prescribed form. For more details, see the Phosphorus Report page.


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