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Phosphorus assessment data transmission

Submitting your Phosphorus Report

Accessing the Service

The Phosphorus Report is an inventory of both produced and imported phosphorus loads and the capacity of soils to handle these loads in compliance with the maximum annual phosphorus deposits prescribed in the Agricultural Operations Regulation. The report allows for checking the balance between phosphorus added and the maximal deposit capacity in order to avoid surplus phosphorus finding its way into waterways and degrading the water quality, particularly through the proliferation
of blue-green algae.

Agricultural producers that are required to maintain a phosphorus report must submit it no lather than May 15th of each year to the Ministère. The report must be made on the Ministère-supplied electronic form (French, Excel, 557 KB). Moreover, producers must immediately advise the Ministère and their agronomist of any change in report data. A report update must then be submitted within 30 days.

Information contained in the Phosphorus Report will also be used in applying environmental cross-compliance. Indeed, compliance with the regulatory requirement to produce and submit a balanced phosphorus report to the Ministère no later than May 15th of each year has been selected as a measure of eligibility for certain programs by the Financière agricole du Québec and the ministère de l’Agriculture, des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation (MAPAQ).

Filing the Phosphorus Report electronically: it’s easy and secure!

A simple step

The Ministère has taken the steps required to assist agronomists and facilitate the preparation and online filing of the Phosphorus Report. A helpful new electronic service is now available to submit the report. The existing form has been simplified and integrated into the most commonly used agronomy softwares to facilitate electronic filing.

Procedure for obtaining producer numbers and/or locations

The producer number is the key to filing reports electronically, while the producer location number is required to fill out the phosphorous report. A procedure has therefore been set up to enable agronomists to obtain these numbers and/or locations:

  • Farm operators that are required to submit a report must provide basic information to the Ministère, using the proper form (French, Word, 199 KB). This information enables the Ministère to locate or create appropriate reference numbers. The form also allows agronomists and operators to check individual and place names, and means that the Ministère is apprised of information about potential operator problems and/or location addition or deletion.
  • The Ministère then sends back the appropriate producer numbers and legal names along with associated livestock or spreading locations (place names, numbers and cadastral designations).
  • Communications in regard to this procedure should be made by email to This email address, as well as the toll free telephone line (1 877 775-1745), may be used when requesting general information about how to obtain producer and location numbers.
  • Producers may also use the above procedure to obtain their number directly.

Procedure for declaring changes pertaining to livestock and/or areas in cultivation – Required to report/No longer required to report

Did agricultural operation changes take place that may make the producer at the location subject or no longer subject to the obligation to prepare and file a phosphorus report? A form (French, Word, 179 KB) is available to producers and agronomists for declaring important parameters.

A secure process

Submitting the Phosphorus Report through the Internet is secure using the clicSÉQUR authentication system developed by Revenu Québec. This system authenticates the agronomists that submit electronically. Naturally, users must first register on the clicSÉQUR system.

A form and a user guide

The Ministère has made a revised version of the form (French, Excel, 557 KB) available online, along with a guide to filling out the Phosphorus Report.

Environmental cross-compliance in farm support programs: Financial Assistance Linked to Compliance with Environmental Requirements

Environmental cross-compliance in farm support programs is a mechanism by which farm income assistance is linked to compliance with environmental requirements. Under this mechanism, farmers must meet certain conditions to fully benefit from the financial support programs to which they are eligible. For more information, you can consult our web section on cross-compliance (French).

Contact us

To obtain additional information, you can contact the phosphorus balance team at or by phone at 1 877 775-1745.

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