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Ministère de l’Environnement, de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques, de la Faune et des Parcs
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On-line Services

Our on-line products and services

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  • Information request
    To send, receive and process information requests by e-mail.
  • On-line Payments
    This application allows a private individual or a company, a customer of the Ministère, to make full or partial payments to the Ministère online.
  • Public Registries (French)
    Registers held by virtue of these laws can be consulted on-line or by means of search tools or in the form of downloadable documents.
 Air - Climate Change
  • Air quality index
    Information tool to communicate air pollution measurements. This index is calculated and updated every hour; it stems from the measurement of several air pollutants at various air-quality monitoring stations across the territory.
  • Climatic Data - Monitoring Network
    This search engine can be used to obtain a list of the various stations at which data is collected and the types of data collected.
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC)
    Index of 163 data sheets on analyzed volatile organic compounds (VOC). The VOC are classified in five families or family groups.
Fish - Guide
Fish of my river (The)
It is possible to consult lists and illustrations of the species sampled in each tributary of the Bourlamaque River. For each sampling station, there is also a chart giving the percentage of pollution intolerant fish and the percentage of fish with anomalies.
Contaminated lands
Dams and Hydrology
  • Directory of dams
    Lists and gives certain information on all dams with a height of 1 metre or more. It is designed for dam owners, municipalities, RCMs, citizens living close to such works and in general for any individual or organization interested in dam safety and land-use management.
  • Hydrological and hydraulic forecasting
    Offers forecasts of the water level and flow of certain watercourses in southern Québec. This system especially targets the watercourses of certain watersheds that have a dam operated by the Ministère and the watercourses of the Montreal archipelago hydrological system.
  • Maps of flood-risk ice-free zones (French)
    Presents the geographic location of all flood-risk sites. Searches cans be carried out according to various criteria, namely by municipality, RCM, administrative region and watercourse.
  • Request pertaining to the limits of the State hydrological domain
    Only for professionals registered with the Ordre des arpenteurs-géomètres, allow them to obtain information on:
    • Orthometric heights of watercourses for land delimitation;
    • Information or opinions concerning land delimitation of the Crown hydrological domain;
    • Advice pertaining to the land delimitation of watercourses.
  • Request pertaining to the ownership of lake and watercourse beds
    Form to address a request pertaining to ownership of a lake or a watercourse. The applicant will receive an answer by fax or mail.
  • Level and flow history (French)
    It is possible to obtain a complete history of daily water levels and flow rates recorded by all the hydrometric stations operated by Ministère, whether open or closed, as well as monthly statistics.
  • Real-time station hydrology data (French)
    This link displays a graphic presentation of current flow and level for many Québec watercourses. 
Residual Materials
Blue-green Algae
Drinking Water
Recreational Waters
  • Environnement-Plage Program (seasonal) (French)
    Gives the amount of bacteria in the swimming water at beaches that participate in the Environnement-Plage Program for each region.
  • Voluntary monitoring network of recreational lakes
    It is possible to obtain the water quality sampling results for every recreational lake that is part of the monitoring network by searching by lake or administrative region.à
Surface Water
On-line forms

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