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Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water and supporting documents

Ensuring the production and distribution of drinking water
during the COVID-19 pandemic:
document for clients covered by the Regulation (French).

The Regulation respecting the quality of drinking water contributes to ensuring that Québec’s population is provided with quality drinking water. The regulation has been in force since June 2001. It contains requirements for thousands of entities in charge of drinking water distribution systems, including municipalities, waterworks enterprises, educational institutions, health and social services institutions and tourist establishments. The Regulation was updated in March 2021 in order to modify some requirements, particularly with respect to lead in drinking water (French).

  • To better understand the Regulation
  • Requirements for those in charge of drinking water distribution systems
  • Special terms and conditions for certain systems
  • Tools and models for those in charge of systems
  • If a problem with water quality is detected

  • To better understand the full Regulation, consult the following:

    The Regulation contains requirements for those in charge of water distribution systems, particularly with respect to:

    Special terms and conditions apply to certain distribution system categories, including:

    The Ministère provides models and tools to facilitate the work of those in charge of distribution systems affected by certain requirements:

    If problems with the microbiological quality of water are detected, consult the following pages:

    If you have questions concerning the Regulation at any time, don’t hesitate to contact your regional office of the Ministère

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