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Analysis Procedure for New Domestic Wastewater Treatment Technologies

The Study Guide on Conventional Domestic Wastewater Treatment Technologies (French) provides a description of various wastewater treatment technologies and design criteria recommended in the literature for the adequate performance of conventional treatment systems.

Under section 32 of the Environment Quality Act, before filing an application for authorization by the Ministère of new usage of a technology, the applicant must ascertain the performance level of the proposed treatment technology, which must be documented by technology fact sheets.

A Committee on Domestic Wastewater Treatment Technologies has been established to validate performance tests and determine the level of development of the proposed treatment systems. The coordination of the committee’s activities is overseen by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ).

The following documents describe the procedure to follow to validate performance in order to have a technology fact sheet posted on the Ministry’s website:

You can also subscribe to the Eaux3 municipales newsletter (French) which is an easy way to find out about changes that will be made to assessment procedures or technology fact sheets issued by the Committee.


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