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Press Release


Québec, April 13, 2015 - Minister of Sustainable Development, the Environment and the Fight against Climate Change David Heurtel enthusiastically welcomes the decision by the Government of Ontario to implement a cap-and-trade system and its intention to become part of the system formed by Québec and California under the Western Climate Initiative, which will strengthen the largest carbon market in North America.

“This announcement again confirms the vital role of Canadian provinces and territories in the fight against climate change, while demonstrating that efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions go hand-in-hand with the development of a green and sustainable economy. We are acting to fight climate change today in order to preserve our planet and ensure our children’s quality of life,” stated Minister Heurtel, who reminded us that the provinces of Québec and Ontario together account for more than 20 million Canadians and over 50% of Canada's economy.

Last November, Québec and Ontario signed a memorandum of understanding on joint actions in the fight against climate change, which included a commitment to explore the use of market mechanisms in Ontario such as those implemented by Québec and California. Both provinces reaffirmed this commitment during last December’s 20th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Lima, in collaboration with British Columbia and California. As part of its the action taken in the run-up to the December 2015 Paris Conference, the Government of Québec participated in the Climate Week in New York and in missions to China, Latin America and Europe, aiming to strengthen cooperation with national and international partners and emphasize the importance of establishing carbon pricing.

Provincial carbon pricing
According to a recent report from Canada's Ecofiscal Commission, provincial carbon pricing would allow Canada to remain competitive in a changing global economy. The same study concluded that Québec's approach to the problem was a model worth emulating. “Through its Green Fund, whose income primarily comes from the carbon market, the Government of Québec supports businesses, municipalities and Québec citizens in their transition to a low-carbon world. Estimated at $ 3.3 billion by 2020, this income is fully dedicated to our 2013-2020 Climate Change Action Plan and represents a powerful tool for re-launching the economy and creating employment,” added Minister Heurtel.

The road to the Paris Climate Conference
The Government of Québec will welcome representatives from all Canadian provinces and territories tomorrow, April 14, on the occasion of a major summit on the fight against climate change. For its part, Ontario will host the Climate Summit of the Americas in July. In addition to promoting the sharing of expertise and best practices, these meetings will provide an opportunity to work together to determine the best possible solutions for fighting climate change.

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