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Annual sector air quality index statistics for 2005

In 2005, the sector of Témiscaming joined the list of sectors for which the AQI was calculated. The number of sectors therefore totalled 16, all of which are located in an urban environment.

As in 2004, the percentage of days during which the air quality was “poor*” rose above 10% in many sectors; for some sectors this percentage rose above 30%, such as in the sector of Témiscaming, where it totalled 41.8% (99 days out of 232).

Unlike regional statistics, which are based on uniform measurements of fine particles and ozone, sector statistics may include measurements of a pollutant that is emitted locally and is not included in regional statistics. This means that the AQI value for a sector may differ from the index for the overall region.

Local sources of air emissions that affect a sector’s AQI can vary from one location to another.

 * Occurs where the concentration of fine particles is above at least 35 µg/m3 (over a three-hour period) or the hourly ozone concentration is above at least 82 ppb at at least one station in the region.

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