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Protected Areas

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Habitats of Threatened or Vulnerable Floristic Species (French)

Protected territories that are home to at least one floristic species designated as threatened or vulnerable in Québec. A species is threatened when it is seriously at risk of extinction. A species is vulnerable when its survival is precarious even if it is not at risk of extinction.

The habitats of threatened or vulnerable floristic species are aimed at maintaining the ecological processes in place, the biological diversity that is present and the chemical or physical components specific to each of these habitats.

Aquatic Reserves

Protected areas established mainly to protect biodiversity in fresh or salt water aquatic environments and adjacent natural environments.

Biodiversity Reserves

Protected areas established to help maintain the biodiversity of terrestrial environments and, more specifically, to ensure the representativeness of the biological diversity of Québec’s various natural regions.

Territorial Reserves for Protected Area Purposes

Some territories have been granted specific recognition by the Québec government while waiting to receive legal protection status. They have been designated as “territorial reserves for protected area purposes” by the government under the Québec Strategy for Protected Areas.

Territorial reserves for Protected Area Purposes are excluded, by an administrative agreement, from all industrial development activities of their natural resources (forestry, mining, and energy activities).

Ecological Reserves (French)

Territories preserved in their natural state: islands, swamps, bogs, forests, watersheds, etc. All such sites have distinctive ecological characteristics.



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