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Minister David Heurtel tables a bill to facilitate access by Quebecers to zero-emission vehicles

Québec, June 2, 2016 – The Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment and the Fight against Climate Change, David Heurtel, introduced a bill in the National Assembly today aimed at allowing the Government of Québec to require automakers to sell or lease a minimum number of zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) through a tradable credit system. The government thereby hopes to stimulate the ZEV supply to give Québec consumers access to a wider range of plug-in vehicles to meet their individual needs.

After its adoption by National Assembly members, the Bill will be followed by a zero-emission mandate aimed at automakers. According to the measures proposed in the Bill, starting with 2018 models, automakers would have to meet a ZEV sales target, translated into credits and determined by the government. The target would be calculated by applying a percentage to the total number of light-duty vehicles that each manufacturer sells in Québec. Car dealers, even though they are intermediaries between consumers and vehicle manufacturers, would not be directly subject to the legislation.

“With this Bill, we are hoping not only to reduce our GHG emissions, improve air quality and reduce our dependence on oil, but also to move forward to a new economy, stimulated by innovation. Indeed, transportation electrification provides interesting opportunities for Québec companies with solid expertise in manufacturing batteries, charging stations and other ZEV components as well as in electric motorization. Few places in the world besides Québec can benefit from an abundance of clean renewable energy. We need to make the most of this advantage in order to grow our economy and achieve our objectives in the fight against climate change. We are on the road to the new 21st century economy, a prosperous lower-carbon economy, and the vehicles that will get us there will be zero-emission vehicles,” said Minister Heurtel.

Québec already has exceptional expertise in research and development, owing to internationally renowned researchers and a solid industrial base in ground transportation. The ZEV standard would strengthen this sector in Québec by facilitating the accessibility and purchase of zero-emission vehicles in Québec.

A wide range of training in transportation electrification is also currently being offered in some regions to ensure the future availability of a skilled workforce in these cutting-edge technologies.

Zero-emission mandates have already proven their value: Ten U.S. states, including California and several northeastern states, such as Vermont, New York and Maine, representing nearly a third of the U.S. market, have already adopted such mandate. Not only has the ZEV supply increased, providing access to more efficient models in these states, but there has also been a drop in price for this type of vehicle. The mandate have likewise helped reduce the waiting time for acquiring an electric vehicle.

The proposed ZEV standard is part of a set of measures provided for under the 2015-2020 Transportation Electrification Action Plan that help increase the number of ZEVs in Québec and make them more accessible. As a result, in the coming years, Quebecers could continue to take advantage of rebates when purchasing ZEVs or installing charging stations at home or at work.

This ambitious Action Plan aims to have 100,000 electric and hybrid vehicles on Québec’s roads by 2020. Another of its objectives is to create 2,000 new jobs in the electric vehicle industry. These kinds of initiatives enable Québec to make a decisive shift to electric transportation and foster the emergence of a new economic development industry. They help make Québec a leader in this field.

“We want to stimulate the supply of ZEVs so that consumers in Québec have access to a greater number and broader range of plug-in vehicles that are the cleanest and most technically advanced on the market. Québec is once again demonstrating leadership. Investing in transportation electrification is investing in the future – the future of our businesses and of our children. Let’s do it for them!” concluded Minister Heurtel.

Information about the Bill is available on the website of the MDDELCC at

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