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About pesticides

Agronomic justification and prescription, including for emergency situations (Word, 235 KB)

Application for a Ministerial Authorization for the Use of Pesticides (Directive 017)

Application for a Ministerial Authorization for the Use of Pesticides (Directive 017) - extract (PDF, 572 KB)

Application for Permits and Certificates

Bed bug control – Training guide (PDF, 643 KB)

Example of a label (PDF, 133 KB)

Circular notices by clientele


Gardening … all naturally

How to choose a green space maintenance service

Impact of pesticides on water quality

Important Notices

Legal and Regulatory Framework

Mandatory minimum distances

Ministerial Actions regarding Pesticides

Ministerial Authorization

Overview of permit and certificate Regulation

Pesticide Risk Indicator for Québec (IRPeQ) - Health and Environment

Pesticides in Agricultural Areas

Pesticides in Green Spaces and Golf Courses

Pesticides Management Code

Pesticides Sale

Québec Pesticide Strategy 2015-2018

Québec Pesticide Strategy 2015-2018 – Summary (PDF file, 881 KB)

Register of the use of pesticides for agricultural purposes (Word, 136 KB)

Regulation amending the Pesticides Management Code - Regulation amending the Regulation respecting permits and certificates for the sale and use of pesticides


SAgE Pesticides

Statements, Guides and Reports

Toxicity of the pesticides used for green spaces - Pesticides for domestic use (PDF file, 169 Ko)

Training and Certification

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