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Québec Policy on Residual Materials

Policy Goals

The residual materials management policy reflects the government’s intent to build a green economy. The approximately 13 million tons of residual materials that are produced in Québec each year hold an undeniable potential for being used in manufacturing as well as in the production of energy.

This policy seeks to create a waste-free society that looks to maximize added value through intelligent management of its residual materials. Its fundamental goal is for ultimate residue to be the only residual material disposed of in Québec.

How will this be achieved?

To move forward towards this goal, the policy plans to implement measures that  respond to the three major challenges of residual materials management:
  • Ending resource waste
  • Promoting the achievement of the goals of the Climate Change Action Plan and of the Québec Energy Strategy
  • Making all stakeholders involved responsible for residual materials management

Main measures

Major short-term measures are required to achieve the policy’s goals, as follows:

In addition to these measures, four other programs are administered by RECYC-QUÉBEC: 


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