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Québec Residual Materials Management Policy, 1998-2008

The French version prevails

The Québec Residual Materials Management Policy replaces the Québec Action Plan for Waste Management, 1998-2002, made public in 1998. This Policy is in accordance with the Act to amend the Environment Quality Act and other legislation as regards the management of residual materials, adopted in 1999.

The expressions residual materials or residues used in the Policy designate any residue resulting from a production, treatment or utilization process and any substance, material or product or, more generally, any object that is discarded or that the holder intends to discard.

The present Policy does not apply to the following residues: gaseous substances, mine tailings or soils containing contaminants in quantities or concentrations exceeding those fixed by regulation under paragraph a of section 31.52 of the Environment Quality Act, biomedical waste, hazardous materials, except those of domestic origin and agricultural fertilizers (manure, liquid manure, manure liquid).


Part 1: Background

Part 2: Principles

Part 3: Purpose

Part 4: Goals

Other Documents

Summary of the Policy (French)

Provisional Balance Sheet (French)

Fact Sheets


Part 5: Actions

5.1 Residual materials management planning
5.2 Citizen participation
5.3 Education and information
5.4 Research and development
5.5 Support for social economy businesses
5.6 Residual materials recovery and reclamation
5.7 Disposal
5.8 Role of Recyc-Québec
5.9 Implementation monitoring


Appendix - Recovery goals, by source, material category and amounts recovered, 1996

Québec Residual Materials Management Policy, 1998-2008 (PDF file, 58 ko)


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