Ministère du Développement durable, de l'Environnement
et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques
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Air and Climate change

The Carbon Market

Accreditation Program of Establishments Analyzing Heavy Vehicle Emissions


  • Recognition as a Nature Reserve on Private Land



Environmental Assessments


Residual Materials

  • Production of Statement
    • Detailed Form (French, Word file, 169 KB)
    • Short Form (PCB Statement) (French, Word file, 144 KB)
  • Production of Report
    • Form for fixed facility (French, Word file, 282 KB)
    • Form for haulers (Word file, 165 KB) 
    • Form for the utilization of used oil for energy generation purposes, (French, Word file, 136 KB)
  • Permit Holder - Guarantee as Security bon
    • Form (French, Word, 149 KB)
  • Charges Payable for the Disposal
  • Quarterly payment form (firms) (French, Excel file, 85 KB)
  • Annual statement form (firms) (French, Excel file, 306 KB)
  • Information form (municipalities) (French, Word file, 60 KB)


Agriculture and aquaculture environments

  • Project notice according to sections 39 and 40 of the Regulation respecting agricultural operations - Form (French, Word file, 357 KB)

  • Spreading Agreement between Manure Supplier and Receiving Farm (French, Word file, 115 KB)

  • Fertilizing residuals form (available from your regional office)
    • Recycling fertilizing residuals and other project notifications
      • Composting in leak-proof structures
      • Compost: pulp and paper biosolids and deinking residues
      • Ash and calcium magnesium amendment
      • Leaf-slurry mix
      • Agricultural spreading and storage of pulp and paper biosolids and deinking residues
  • Location Grid – Agricultural Operations Regulation and Groundwater Catchment Regulation (French, Word file, 79 KB)

  • Associates Mandating an Individual to Sign on Behalf of a Partnership (French, Word file, 57 KB)

  • Resolution Mandating an Individual to Sign on Behalf of a Corporation (French, Word file, 57 KB)


Industrial Environment




  • Ecotoxicological Risk Assessment Procedure for Contaminated Sites Rehabilitation (French)
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