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The St. Lawrence


For Quebecers, the St. Lawrence is the heart of Québec. It was the gateway used by the first Europeans arriving in North America in the early days of colonization. In the centuries that followed, it contributed to their economic, social and cultural development. The St. Lawrence shaped Québec as we know it today.

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Great Lakes - St. Lawrence River Basin Sustainable Water Resources Agreement

Signed in 2005 by the Governors of the eight U.S. states bordering the Great Lakes and the Premiers of Québec and Ontario, this agreement’s main objectives are to prohibit water diversions outside the drainage basin and ensure that the waters of this vast territory are managed in an integrated manner and according to common decision-making rules.

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Integrated management of the St. Lawrence

The integrated management of the St. Lawrence is an ongoing process based on the consultation of all decision makers, users and civil society for planning and better harmonizing protection and utilization measures for the resources of this important ecosystem with a view to sustainable development.

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St. Lawrence Action Plan

The St. Lawrence Action Plan is a collaborative effort between the governments of Canada and Québec to protect, conserve and enhance the St. Lawrence ecosystem with a view to sustainable development.

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