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Wetlands, bodies of water, lakeshores and riverbanks

Corporation d'Aménagement et de Protection de la rivière Sainte-Anne (CAPSA), Mireille Sager, MELCCApplication for authorizations and authorization certificates 

Application for authorization–procedure
The following is required of applicants submitting a request for the authorization of projects in aquatic, lakeshores and riverbanks and/or wetland environments:

  • Two fully-executed copies of the authorization application form
  • All required administrative and technical documents, in duplicate
  • Two copies of the form and accompanying documents sent to the MELCC
  • A fully-executed applicant’s declaration.

The MELCC cost schedule for authorizations and other similar services is the same as other authorizations requiring analysis by the MELCC.
When applications for authorizations and authorization certificates specifically deal with the installation of dry hydrants by municipalities and RCMs, the following form must be used:

Caution: Obtaining an authorization does not exempt the holder from legal obligations enacted by any other law and/or regulation.

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