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Summary of the measures announced in Budget 2019-2020 and incorporated into the 2013-2020 CCAP

Budget 2019-2020 contains significant measures to combat climate change. In particular, the Québec government is earmarking substantial additional funding for the transition to a greener, more resilient economy.

  • $465.30 million to bolster sustainable mobility through the enhancement of transportation electrification and support for alternative transportation to replace solo car use
  • $409.90 million to broaden support for the industrial sector and innovation
  • $24.20 million to support the recovery and conversion of organic matter and to reduce halocarbons
  • $29.10 million to support research and intervention pertaining to adaptation to climate change
  • $22.40 million to establish structuring partnerships to broaden mobilization and climatic cooperation – MELCC
  • $17.80 million to strengthen climate expertise and coordination
  • $22.20 million to promote forestry work and other measures aimed at GHG emission reductions (see the table below for details of the measures).

Details of the measures are indicated in the table entitled “Répartition du financement entre les priorités du Plan d'action 2013-2020 sur les changements climatiques (French, PDF, 2,7 MB).

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