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Reports on Climate Change Action Plans (CCAP)

Québec is a leader in the fight against climate change both internationally and within Canada. It adopted structuring tools enabling it to take action and ensure a true transition to a resilient and low-carbon economy.

In the interest of transparency and rigour, as well as to continue the work that has begun and step up efforts, the government is publishing the 2013-2020 Climate Change Action Plan Mid-Term Report (French, PDF, 2 MB).

Drafting this report is part of the ongoing improvement process regarding transparency and accountability. It informs citizens, companies, and other partners about the 2013-2020 CCAP’s advancement, shows Québec society’s progress toward achieving Québec’s objectives in the fight against climate change, and makes findings on the appropriateness of the 2013-2020 CCAP’s observed and anticipated contribution to achieving Québec’s objectives by 2020. It also indicates possible avenues for improvement in this regard.

A process launched in 2006

Québec began taking a proactive and innovative approach to fighting climate change in the early 2000s. With a budget of 1.27 billion dollars, the 2006-2012 Climate Change Action Plan (2006-2012 CCAP) made it possible to reduce Québec’s GHG emissions and develop knowledge and expertise in adaptation, while generating many environmental co-benefits. The 2006-2012 CCAP Final Report (French, PDF, 3.2 MB) provides a complete picture of the results achieved through its implementation.

In June 2012, the 2013-2020 CCAP replaced the previous climate change action plan. It is based on 30 priorities leading to more than 150 actions that are overseen by 15 Québec government departments and agency. Like the plan that preceded it, the 2013-2020 CCAP provides for actions across several sectors, including transportation, energy, the municipal sector, industry, residual materials, agriculture, and public health and safety. These initiatives are financed by the Green Fund and directly impact Québec society.

The mid-term report is a crucial step that will guide government action between now and 2020 to ensure that the measures and investments chosen, as well as adjustments or improvements to them, are even more focused on reducing GHG emissions, increasing Québec’s resilience to climate change, and changing behaviors.

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